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Our Defining Moments

A Letter of Appreciation for Staff at Extendicare Lakefield

Dear Staff of Extendicare Lakefield, It is with tremendous respect for what you do each and every day and for how you treat residents and family that I felt the necessity to write. You are an amazing group of people who do an extraordinary job of supporting and caring for human beings at the end of their journey
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Dear staff of Extendicare Lakefield,

It is with tremendous respect for what you do each and every day and for how you treat residents and family that I felt the necessity to write. You are an amazing group of people who do an extraordinary job of supporting and caring for human beings at the end of their journey.

My father, Don Parsons, passed away this past August, surrounded by his family and many Lakefield Extendicare staff.

I don't know why it has taken me this long to write to you, or to step back into Extendicare? Perhaps time was needed to take in all that transpired. What I do know is that myself and my Family were greatly touched by the care and tenderness Dad received in his last days.

Don called Extendicare home for more than two years and I clearly recall the day I arrived at your doors with my father. I was terrified!

You see, Dad had developed dementia and was struggling to live in his own home, supported by my mother who was of diminishing health herself trying to care for her husband. After a long wait, we finally received the call "There was a bed available at Extendicare in Lakefield for Dad". We were overjoyed at first, but then the reality and breadth of the situation hit! "What would Dad think"? How were we going to convince him to leave his home"?

I explained to Dad that he was moving to a new home where he could be looked after and where we would be able to visit him regularly. I asked Dad to trust me, that we were making the best decision we could. I told him that Mom was becoming ill herself and that I would look after everything. The same man that once told me that he would be standing at the door with his shotgun if anyone ever tried to take him out of his house said "Okay". "Okay, when do we go?"

Don's story is not a unique story nor is our family’s story and journey with dementia. You have seen this story daily. It is the reality of your work, and of your lives. We watched you re-assure a resident who was crying and asking to go home. We saw you day in and day out feed, bathe, clean, care for, play games with the many people under your care. You went home to your own families, your own challenges, but then came back the next day, to do it all over again.

We received a call one evening and were told that Dad was having difficulty breathing and that we should come as he was palliative. We stayed by his side for the next five days. Five of the most remarkable days of my life. We were able to say all that we needed to say to Dad/Don. We told stories of a life well lived. Reminisced about fishing trips and adventures. Laughed and cried.

Throughout this entire time, the staff at Extendicare cared for my father with tenderness. We watched a staff do what they do best. We learned the definition of exemplary palliative care. They not only cared for Dad but supported us by providing blankets and pillows so we could stay with him. They offered us food and drink. They gave their time, their love, their support and kind words.

Moments after Dad took his last breath, a beautiful, vibrant yellow Goldfinch landed on the bird feeder outside Dad's window and looked in. The bird waited until all of us that were in the room were able to see him and then gracefully flew away to the forest nearby. It was magical. Magical because Don had coloured hundreds of nature pictures in bright yellow colours for quite some time. Magical because there had not been a single bird at that feeder in months. It was one of the most spiritual moments we had ever experienced. And when looking through his collection of art the next day, we discovered one that stood out. It was of a bright yellow beta fish with a line on the back from Van Morrison. " Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic."

Don Parsons, you have flown into the mystic and we know your spirit is soaring.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for looking after Don/dad and for giving him hope, happiness and humanity in his final days. Thank You!

The Parsons family

Thank you to Extendicare Lakefield

I am grateful to all of the Extendicare staff for their outstanding level of care
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It has been almost a year since I moved my father moved into his new home at Extendicare, Lakefield. I remember the day clearly, as it was a roller coaster of emotions, both for me, for my father and for the rest of the family. Was it the right decision? What would Dad think? Would the care be adequate?

We soon found out that it was a remarkable place with an outstanding staff that provided excellent care. Dad was safe, happy and well looked after.

What sets Extendicare apart are the extra things they do, and how the staff go out of their way to enrich the lives of people, despite their abilities. I wanted to speak to one such event that was hosted last weekend.

On Saturday, November 26, 2016, Extendicare hosted a craft sale, with 22 vendors from the community selling a variety of handmade items. The event was a fundraiser for the Residents Council Fund. I had read about this event and inquired if I could assist my father at his own table. Leisa was very welcoming, and thought it would be a great opportunity for Dad. My father was a remarkable woodworker who created bowls, containers, cutting boards, furniture and a host of other creations over many years. When dementia slowly took over his life, Dad lost the ability to create; however, he retained his love of wood.

I set up Dad's table on Saturday morning with many items that he had created over the years. I then went to his room to remind him (once again), that he was in a craft sale this morning. He was puzzled and uncertain. As we walked down the hallway towards the sale, I let Dad go ahead, and asked him if he knew which booth was his. He looked ahead and said" hey, that's my stuff". Over the next four hours, a multitude of people, including staff, residents and the public chatted with Dad about his work. Many were in awe with the unique pieces he had created, and complimented him on his work. Dad sold a number of items, was able to respond to some questions, and even helped wrap the items that sold. While dad sat at his table, he carefully crafted his newest creation, a brightly coloured picture of an animal. He now colours pictures to pass the time. I suppose this is how we adapt to life. I marveled as I watched many residents stroll among the tables, some just looking, others interacting and asking questions.

What I took away from the day was the focus on ability, not disability and the importance of challenging oneself, despite dementia. I am grateful to all of the Extendicare staff for their outstanding level of care, and their dedication to maintaining dignity among all residents. Special thanks to Debara, Leisa and Julie for their efforts, compassion and caring.

Tom, resident’s family member

Special thanks to Extendicare Lakefield

A special thanks to the dedicated and caring staff of Extendicare Lakefield who showed great kindness and commitment during the care of our mother, grandmother, friend.
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To My Caregivers Thank you for standing by me, and lending me your ear. For reaching out to help me, and simply being there.

Thank you for cheering me on, or saying a small prayer.

For holding me up when times were tough, by showing me you care. Thank you for making me laugh and for giving me some hope.

For showing me support and kindness and helping me to cope.

Thank you for all you've done and all that you will do.

And know that I have been fortunate to have known someone like you.

Late Marlene

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Extendicare Lakefield celebrates National Nurses Week

Extendicare Lakefield takes the opportunity each year during National Nurses Week to celebrate all staff working at the home.
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Extendicare Lakefield takes the opportunity each year during National Nurses Week to celebrate all staff working at the home. This year's event was a collaborative event. The staff directed PTA, residents and manager's took the opportunity to plan special "treats" and special draw prizes each day to say "Thanks for all you do" The residents were thrilled to be involved this year making individual chocolates for staff. As you can see by the picture 3 of the resident's had a fabulous time delivering the chocolates along with the flowers from the PTA to the staff. Without prompting the residents quite eloquently stated. "This is for all you do for all of us" as each flower and chocolate was delivered.

Extendicare Lakefield Enjoyed Baby Ducklings Visit

Extendicare Lakefield enjoyed a two week visit from baby ducklings.
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Extendicare Lakefield enjoyed a two week visit from day old ducklings that residents choose to keep. The residents are excited to look after them, watch them grow, swim and waddle in their home. It was a great experience for all. We embrace these animals in our home. These animals are so therapeutic and beneficial for they provide emotional support, stimulation and unconditional love for our residents.

Extendicare Lakefield and Behavioral Supports Ontario (BSO) discovered the Sit-a-Bit-Café for residents

Extendicare Lakefield and Behavioral Supports Ontario (BSO) discovered a “Coffee Shop” experience utilizing Montessori techniques. This experience helps engage the cognitively-well and the cognitively-impaired residents together
Extendicare Lakefield Sit-a-Bit Cafe every Tuesday 3-4pmExtendicare Lakefield resident Maxine Sherlock-Hubbard (seated) and her daughter Carol Florence (right) prepare a cookie recipe to serve at the Sit-a-Bit Cafe. Carol volunteers weekly at the cafe.

Extendicare Lakefield attended a capacity building session called “BSO Energize Your Team” course to support in-house BSO team development and to gain knowledge on how to respond to residents and patients with responsive behaviors in a long-term care home.

Through the BSO Energize Your Team course, the BSO and Extendicare Lakefield staff discovered a “Coffee Shop” experience utilizing Montessori techniques. This experience helps engage residents who are cognitively-well or cognitively-impaired. The idea was shared with staff and families. The Sit-a-Bit Café was launched.

After a year, the results have been overwhelming. Bistro sets and supplies were donated. Participating residents eagerly clean the café area, wash dishes and help bake. The Sit-a-Bit Care is self-sustaining. A coffee and baked good cost 25 cents for residents and cost 50 cents for visitors. The income supports the purchase of groceries and supplies for the following week.

“If a resident cannot pay, almost everyone at the café would stand up and offer some change to that person. We would never see someone go without, but seeing residents offer to pay for each other is very rewarding,” said Debara Power, Activity Aide at Extendicare Lakefield.

Running every Tuesday from 3 to 4 p.m., staff and residents look forward to the weekly specials. Couples sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and baked goods together, and friends and family come to relax and socialize. Staff have noted that since the opening of Sit-a-Bit Café there has been a home-wide re-socialization, an increase in interaction between cognitively-well and cognitively-impaired residents, and undivided attention from residents.

If other health care providers are interested in learning about Extendicare Lakefield’s successful café approach for to support residents, they are asked to contact Nancy Ross, Director of Care at 705-652-7112 or nross@extendicare.com